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Relying on Labels

The meat section of your grocery store will be undergoing a transformation. As of March 1st, 2012, the majority of meat sold in the butcher case is required to bear nutrition labels. The labels will be just like the ones … Continue reading

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What Science Makes the Cut

It seems that more and more these days news breaks that a commonly used consumer good is contaminated with some toxic substance. Mercury in soda. Arsenic in apple juice. Fungicides in orange juice. Lead in lipstick. GoodGuide scientists track these … Continue reading

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The Smarter Barcode

The simple arrangement of black and white lines that revolutionized shopping decades ago has done it again. To celebrate the barcode’s 60th birthday, The NY Times wrote an article examining its history and exploring new innovations from advancements utilizing mobile technology to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Shopping Cart

No other holiday holds a candle to Thanksgiving when it comes to preparing a special meal. Each of us has our own tradition for eats on the fourth Thursday of November, but for the majority, it will include roast turkey, … Continue reading

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Genetically modified foods: a point we can all agree on

This month in Chicago, consumers have been conveying their distaste for genetically modified foods outside a Whole Foods Market. Surprising? Not when you learn more about how we’ve been handling genetic modification of crops in the United States. According to … Continue reading

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Americans Hoarding Incandescent Light Bulbs

USA Today reports that Americans are hoarding incandescent light bulbs. Why?

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Addicted to Girl Scout Cookies?

Early spring means one thing to Girl Scouts – it’s cookie season. Millions of boxes of Girl Scout cookies are ordered and consumed by Americans whose mouths and stomachs can’t resist the nostalgic sweetness of Samoas and Thin Mints (or … Continue reading

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