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What’s in Your Food? Decoding the Labels

This post was posted in partnership with the team from Fix.com. You can read their complete post here. GoodGuide Food Ratings A walk down any grocery aisle is the best real-life illustration of American’s current eating habits. 23 variations of … Continue reading

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100 Calories of Sugar

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes aired an eye-opening piece about the harmful effects sugars can have on our body. Especially striking was the recommended limit for added sugars issued by the American Heart Association: 100 calories of added sugar per … Continue reading

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Better Food for a Better World

What better way to start the day than to chat about food? GoodGuide teamed up with Greennovate, Roots of Change, Practically Green and EatingWell for a Twitter party about how our daily meal choices affect not only our bodies, but … Continue reading

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Breakfast On the Go

Mornings are busy, chaotic, and rushed, so it’s no wonder that eating a hearty breakfast ends up being a low priority in most homes. The appearance of breakfast in bar form sought to address the challenge of the hectic morning, … Continue reading

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Why Your Meal Matters

Do you think that sugary breakfast cereal is only going to affect your waistline (and maybe lead to an energy high that will crash by lunchtime)? Think again. Did you know that your daily bowl could also be contributing to unethical working … Continue reading

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What’s On Your Plate?

There are lots of strategies that can be used to make your eating habits healthier. Cook more. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Opt for the appetizer portion at restaurants. Keep a food diary. Eat breakfast. The effectiveness of … Continue reading

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Relying on Labels

The meat section of your grocery store will be undergoing a transformation. As of March 1st, 2012, the majority of meat sold in the butcher case is required to bear nutrition labels. The labels will be just like the ones … Continue reading

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