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An Expert Resource For The Conscious Consumer

Everyday Health, a resource for the latest news and information to keep your family healthy, recently profiled founder Dara O’Rourke in a compelling feature outlining his journey to creating GoodGuide. The article examines how before GoodGuide’s launch, consumers did not … Continue reading

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Meet Vincent Kitira of GoodGuide’s Science Team

Vincent Kitira is one of GoodGuide’s research managers. In this interview, he discusses several of the concepts that inform his job such as Life Cycle Assessments, Cradle To Grave Design, and Product Use Phase Impacts. Believe it or not, he … Continue reading

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Look Who’s On GoodGuide: Neil Chambers – Author, Designer, Entrepreneur

Neil Chambers has a been a close friend since 2005 when I moved Vivavi, my green furniture company, to New York City to tap into the city’s emerging sustainable design community. Neil wears many hats. He’s an accomplished designer and … Continue reading

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Look Who’s on GoodGuide: Josh Dorfman, aka Lazy Environmentalist

GoodGuide’s growth over the past few months has been amazing to watch, and nothing reaffirms what we’re doing more than the support of individuals who have dedicated their careers to environmentalism. It’s with great pleasure that I introduce one of … Continue reading

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Look Who’s on GoodGuide: Amy Marlow, Registered Dietitian, Author and Nutrition Advisor for HappyBaby

If you’ve been following our series on who’s on GoodGuide, you’ll have noticed some pretty diverse professional backgrounds. People from all walks of life are making their way to GoodGuide to find healthier products from companies that pay attention to what’s … Continue reading

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Look Who’s On GoodGuide: Anna Getty, Author and Green Living and Holistic Lifestyle Expert

Many people are doing wonderful work to elevate our consciousness and help us lead lives more closely attuned with our social andenvironmental values. Anna Getty does it on so many fronts and in ways that celebrate the journey. She refers … Continue reading

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Look Who’s On GoodGuide: Alexandra Zissu, Co-Author of Planet Home

Alexandra Zissu is a writer, a mom, and one of today’s foremost advocates for leading an environmentally safe and healthy lifestyle. Her books include The Complete Organic Pregnancy, The Conscious Kitchen and her latest Planet Home, which she co-authored with … Continue reading

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