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Do You “Like” The Climate?

Facebook helps us reconnect with old friends, find weekend plans and remember birthdays. Now, it can even help fight climate change. With GoodGuide’s new “Like” The Climate app, Facebook is an important tool in preserving the health of our plant. … Continue reading

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Why Your Meal Matters

Do you think that sugary breakfast cereal is only going to affect your waistline (and maybe lead to an energy high that will crash by lunchtime)? Think again. Did you know that your daily bowl could also be contributing to unethical working … Continue reading

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The Allure Of The Lorax

There has been quite a buzz surrounding the release of the Dr. Seuss movie “The Lorax,” one of the biggest mass-consumer movies with a clear message of stopping the destruction of our forests and saving the environment. To help consumers … Continue reading

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What Makes “Good” Chocolate?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s pretty hard to resist the temptation of chocolate, whether you receive it as a gift or enjoy it as an indulgence for yourself. In fact, over $1 billion worth of chocolate … Continue reading

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Rumblings Of A Retail Revolution

The retail industry has the largest energy bills and the second largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the commercial sector of the U.S economy, according to the EPA. If retailers made even small adjustments to their practices, wouldn’t this … Continue reading

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Is Apple Juice Safe?

Arsenic tainted apple juice has been making lots of headlines lately, prompting parents across America to wonder whether it is safe to feed their kids juice. In an ideal world parents could get a simple yes or no answer to … Continue reading

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A Good Approach to Deciphering Eco-Labels

We received tons of positive feedback from our blog post about finding credible eco-friendly products but many were still left wondering: How does GoodGuide differentiate between a meaningful eco-label and one that is simply greenwashing? We believe these labels should exist to … Continue reading

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