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Behind a Product Rating – Hand Wash

Method Gel Hand Wash Gets a GoodGuide Rating of 10 Health Rating: 10 Negative Aspects: 8. There are 3 ingredients listed that are restricted for use (follow the links for more information about each ingredient): Glycerin, Citric Acid, and D&C Red 33 Certifications: 10. This product is … Continue reading

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Clarifying Certification Confusion

How do you navigate through the masses of certifications and eco-labels out there? Staying true to GoodGuide‘s purpose of providing an easy resource to quickly find the safest, healthiest and greenest products, we held a Certification Chat to try to … Continue reading

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Seals of Goodness

Here at GoodGuide, we try to highlight the importance of going beyond the label. With so many claims being unregulated, we aim to empower you with the real facts so you can make the healthiest, greenest and most ethical choices. … Continue reading

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What Science Makes the Cut

It seems that more and more these days news breaks that a commonly used consumer good is contaminated with some toxic substance. Mercury in soda. Arsenic in apple juice. Fungicides in orange juice. Lead in lipstick. GoodGuide scientists track these … Continue reading

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The Smarter Barcode

The simple arrangement of black and white lines that revolutionized shopping decades ago has done it again. To celebrate the barcode’s 60th birthday, The NY Times wrote an article examining its history and exploring new innovations from advancements utilizing mobile technology to … Continue reading

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12 Tips For A Healthy 2012

Do you pause when people ask what your New Year’s Resolutions are? Feel guilty when you see all your co-workers trekking to the gym, but not guilty enough to actually go? Whether you are a health nut with a green … Continue reading

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How Would A Celebrity Rate?

It’s clear that Britney Spears is a slave for endorsements, as seen in her recent music videos that are chock-full of product placements. In honor of the bubblegum-pop-star-turned-scandal-magnet’s 30th birthday, here is a look at what Britney Spears would score if … Continue reading

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