Spring Cleaning? 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals

Reduce chemical exposure while cleaning
Cleaning products are among the most significant sources of exposure to toxic chemicals in the home. Many of the products we use to scrub, whiten and soften our loads of laundry are made with ingredients that raise concerns for human health. Cleaning products are responsible for about 10% of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers. 

Here are five easy tips to reduce your exposure  

  1. Use gloves! This helps to prevent chemical to skin contact.  
  2. Spray cleaners directly into a rag or sponge to reduce respiratory irritation. 
  3. Avoid products with synthetic fragrances. 
  4. Use as much ventilation as possible. Open windows, turn on the fan and keep air circulating while you clean. 
  5. Avoid room fresheners including car deodorizers & plug-ins. 

Our science team has rated more than 800 household cleaning products, including cleaners for bathrooms, floor, glass & windows, all-purpose and even household wipes. You can see how your favorite product rates, plus any ingredients that carry health concerns by searching for it by name or scanning the bar code using the GoodGuide app. If the product you are looking for hasn’t been rated, submit it for review and our science team will get it rated for you! 

Questions? Drop us a line in the comments below! 

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