March Good News Roundup

The consumer’s power to influence business was highlighted in the news this month, further exemplifying that they will be the ones to really drive change. GoodGuide was also mentioned frequently as an important tool for empowerment, as shown in some of this month’s highlights:

New York Times “Is It Safe To Play Yet?” Profiling parents who go through extreme lengths to ensure their children are living in homes free of chemicals and toxins, GoodGuide is listed as a prominent resource.

Triple Pundit “What 4 Global Trends Will Drive 21st Century Investing?” GoodGuide’s increasing popularity is used as an example of how the demand for ‘good’ is becoming an important trend this year.

Wall Street Journal “How Product Sustainability Matters To Consumers” This video features GoodGuide co-founder Dara O’Rourke at the WSJ Eco:nomics conference discussing why consumers are willing to pay extra money for sustainable products.

Ireland:AM “Beauty: Top 4 Apps” Recognized internationally, GoodGuide was featured as one of the best beauty apps because of the extensive information it provides about the safety of popular grooming products.

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