Do You “Like” The Climate?

Facebook helps us reconnect with old friends, find weekend plans and remember birthdays. Now, it can even help fight climate change. With GoodGuide’s new “Like” The Climate app, Facebook is an important tool in preserving the health of our plant. Now, you can instantly discover if the brands you support share your concern with climate change. This is an essential resource for anyone aiming to reduce their individual impacts on the environment.

In minutes, the app will analyze all of the brands you and your friends “like” on Facebook and reveal if they have good or bad climate change records. Shocked that your sister likes five brands that are polluting the environment? Nudge her to “unlike” the offenders. Proud that your best friend only likes brands working to reduce carbon emissions? Salute him/her on their wall. By sharing this valuable information, you will be educating your friends and family about the brands we should be supporting and those we should be avoiding. Who ever thought you could help save the planet with a click of a button?

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One Response to Do You “Like” The Climate?

  1. Daniel Schwartz says:

    why do you insist on calling this climate change when everyone knows its global warming?
    you are playing into the hands of Republican strategists like Frank Luntz who change the frame
    you can’t accept word changes without thinking about them.

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