February Good News Roundup

With new developments arising in the Apple and Foxconn factory debacle, the media turned to GoodGuide as the expert source of information about these supply chain controversies. We’ve recapped some of the coverage below, along with some other highlights from the month:

The Boston Review “Can Apple Shape Up?”: Dara O’Rourke, GoodGuide’s co-founder, provides insight into what the recent factory revelations mean for Apple and for consumers concerned about the ethics of what they buy.

Green Biz “How Sustainable Is Your Valentine’s Day Candy?”: Noting the multitude of social issues involved with chocolate, GoodGuide is profiled as the best way for consumers to learn about the most ethical (and healthiest) candy choices.

MSNBC  “Glass Half Empty: Is Your Tap Water Safe?”: In order to have a less contaminated water supply, this article recommends using GoodGuide to find products with fewer chemicals.

CBC Canada “Re-Industrializing The Planet”:  Canada’s national public radio station features Dara O’Rourke in the “Recivilization” show in an episode about how the digital revolution has increased transparency in the marketplace.

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