Seals of Goodness

Here at GoodGuide, we try to highlight the importance of going beyond the label. With so many claims being unregulated, we aim to empower you with the real facts so you can make the healthiest, greenest and most ethical choices. We wouldn’t be able to do all this without the help of third party certifiers, whose jobs are dedicated to setting and regulating meaningful, verifiable standards. However, we understand that with so many labels to watch out for and comprehend, the average shopper is left completely overwhelmed. That’s why GoodGuide is launching a series of chats to connect you, the consumer, with these important organizations that are working to ensure that companies, brands, and products are held to ethical, environmentally-friendly standards.

We are kicking off this series with our first ever Certification Chat Party on Thursday, 2/23 at 1pm PST/4pm EST. We’ve invited some prominent certifications (that directly affect GoodGuide ratings) to join us for an hour to chat and answer your questions. You will have the opportunity to meet the people behind the labels and find out what exactly you should be looking for. Feel free to ask tough questions, such as how rigorous the certification process is. Transparency is key around here! Just follow the hashtag #CertChat to join in.

If you want to do a little pre-partying, here is some background info on the organizations that will be joining us next week. And if you leave any questions in the comments section below, we will be sure to have them answered during the chat!

Fair Trade USA (@FairTradeUSA): A leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. They audit and certify transactions between U.S. companies and their international suppliers to guarantee that farmers and workers are paid fair prices and wages, work in safe conditions, protect the environment and receive funds to uplift their communities.

Climate Counts (@ClimateCounts): A collaborative effort to bring consumers and companies together in finding solutions to climate change. They score companies on their climate impact to motivate deeper awareness among consumers and spur corporate climate responsibility.

Leaping Bunny (@LeapingBunny): Administers a cruelty-free standard for cosmetic, personal care and household product companies. The certification assures that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, laboratory or its suppliers.

EcoLogo (@EcoLogo_Program): Develops rigorous and scientifically relevant criteria that reflects a product’s lifecycle, based on other products/services in the same category, and certifies those that comply with the criteria. Assures consumers that products and services with this logo have met stringent standards of environmental leadership.

Non-GMO Project (@NonGMOProject): 
Independently tests ingredients for the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and verifies non-GMO at a 0.9% action threshold (which aligns with labeling requirements in the European Union). Educates consumers and provides resources for those avoiding GMOs.

Green Palm (@GreenPalmOil): A supply chain option for the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification standard.

UL Environment (@ULEnvironment): UL Environment’s mission is to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally-preferable products, services, and organizations. They help companies achieve their sustainability goals and help consumers find products they can trust. UL Environment offers environmental claims validation, multi-attribute product certification, environmental product declarations, indoor air quality certification, product emissions testing, organizational sustainability certification, and consulting.

GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (@GREENGUARD): Aims to protect human health and improve quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality and reducing people’s exposure to chemicals and other pollutants. As a third-party organization, it certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions and provides a resource for choosing healthier products and materials for indoor environments.

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