January Good News Roundup

GoodGuide kicked 2012 off to a great, healthy start and we are confident it is indicative of even better things to come. The media has been predicting that the rise of the sustainable shopper will be a major trend this year and we couldn’t agree more. Additionally, a multitude of publications including the New York Times predicted that with smart phone apps such as GoodGuide, the need for marketing terms and certifications on packages will become obsolete. Check our media highlights from the month of January:

New York Times “Deciphering 2 Embedded Signs of Our Times”: This detailed history of the barcode suggests that with new mobile technologies, consumers can use the barcode in innovative ways, like utilizing GoodGuide to to access additional product information.

Forbes “The Top 10 Trends In CSR For 2012”: Predicting that the sustainable shopping trend will continue to rise in 2012, this article notes that independent rating systems such as GoodGuide will continue to proliferate.

Triple Pundit “Your Favorite Green Apps”: The GoodGuide app is mentioned as one of the most innovative green apps, and the commenters on the article seem to agree!

Mashable “9 Ways To Become A Digital Hero In 2012”: Listing ways to use the internet to do good, GoodGuide is featured as an easy way to discover how sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly the products you use are.

The Guardian “The Relationship Between Consumers And Business Is Changing From The Bottom Up”: This article examines how consumers now have the opportunity to be active shapers of the products they purchase, with one of the main reasons being developments in mobile technology and apps like GoodGuide.

Groovy Green Living “The Best Green Apps”: This prominent blogger suggests downloading the GoodGuide app to help “minimize your impact on the earth” because it makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products wherever you are.

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