A Healthy Game Plan

Super Bowl Sunday might be the second largest day of food consumption (aside from Thanksgiving), but that doesn’t mean you have to throw your health game plan out the window. Armed with the GoodGuide app on your smartphone, you can easily tackle the super market without any fumbles. So how are we watching the Super Bowl here at GoodGuide?

  • More pizza and chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day. It’s fine to splurge, but go the extra yard by making your own so you can control the cheese, toppings and grease.
  • You can make your own snacks also. By preparing your own spread, you call all the plays and control exactly which ingredients go in. You can cater to your friend who likes her bean dip on the spicy side, or your brother who prefers extra cilantro in his guacamole. You can even highlight the fresh produce available at your local farmer’s market.
  • Don’t buy excessive amounts of plastic cups, plates and utensils. Buy just what you need for the amount of people at your party, and try to use reusable if possible. If you do go the disposable route, avoid any penalties and choose products that are biodegradable.

For even more game time pointers, watch this video for some quick tips from GoodGuide co-founder Dara O’Rourke:

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