12 Tips For A Healthy 2012

Do you pause when people ask what your New Year’s Resolutions are? Feel guilty when you see all your co-workers trekking to the gym, but not guilty enough to actually go? Whether you are a health nut with a green thumb or still trying to kick your potato chip habit (obsession), try these simple resolutions to kick 2012 off to a healthy start:

1) Live in a toxic-free home. Who wants to come home to a formaldehyde-laden house? Unfortunately, toxins are so widespread these days that they are found everywhere from our cleaning products to personal care products. Use this checklist from Trash Cancer to make simple changes for a healthier home.

2) Snack healthier. Whether that means packing better snacks on-the-go, cutting back on your sugar intake or eliminating the “fourth meal” entirely, choose something that suits your lifestyle and stick with it.

3) Understand the WHOLE label. It’s easy to tell if a product has enough fat to ruin your diet, but do you know how to decipher the long list of seemingly-foreign ingredients? From frozen food to baby shampoo, understand what’s really in the products you are purchasing.

4) Overpower greenwashing. Triple Pundit calls 2012 the year of the “Smart Consumer” and we agree. Be aware of greenwashing and misleading eco-labels. Use the Transparency Toolbar to screen ads on sites like Google and Facebook to cut through marketing terms.

5) Know where your products come from. We all know how much a clothing purchase will affect our wallets, but what about the hidden price tag? This video from Greenovate explains where the clothing you purchase really comes from. For bonus resolution points, shop at local farmer’s markets and learn how to cook sustainable meals.

6) Volunteer outside. Even if it’s just for a day! This year, the GoodGuide team got together and helped out at Alemany Farm by mulching paths and harvesting produce. Grab co-workers, friends, family or even strangers on the bus and plan a similar day(s).

7) Know what you are feeding your kids. There have been many surprising health revelations this year, from arsenic in Apple Juice to high sodium levels in toddler food. Download the GoodGuide app to learn how safe and healthy products are before adding them to your cart.

8) Know what you are feeding your other kids. The furry ones. You care about what you are putting into your own body, so shouldn’t your pet be equally as important? Unfortunately, the term “all-natural” is unregulated in pet food. Use our pet food ratings to get you started on the right foot (or paw).

9) Know what you are feeding yourself. Did you know that over 90% of soybeans and 60% of corn has been genetically modified? With those stats, it’s impossible to avoid GMO’s in the grocery store. By following simple tips like primarily consuming whole foods, you can do your best to avoid these potential hazards.

10) Be fair when you get your morning buzz. No, we aren’t asking you to tip your barista more. Just suggesting that you support Fair Trade coffee, which means you are supporting companies that pay workers fair wages in safe conditions.

11) Play greener. Yes, we are all for spending the day with Mother Nature, but we are referring to eco-friendly electronics with this resolution. With government-backed certifications such as Energy Star it is easy to find energy-efficient products. Watch this quick video before your next big purchase.

12) Shop better. Easier said than done, right? Luckily, with the Purchase Analyzer you can evaluate your shopping history from sites like Amazon, and then find safer, healthier products. Not to mention you can find the best prices too, all in one place!

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