December Good News Roundup

Here at GoodGuide we ended the year with lots of good news and exciting new endeavors. Check out some of the December highlights below. Let’s all strive for a happy and healthy 2012!

Huffington Post: “Take Toxic Chemicals Off Your List” GoodGuide is mentioned as handy app to use while shopping for baby products on-the-go.

Blast Magazine: “Safe And Green-Friendly Hair Care” Exposing the prevalence of toxins in many common hair products, the article suggests using GoodGuide to find the safest, healthiest products.

Forbes: “Google Gives A Boost To Non-Profit Samasource” Announcing Google’s important donation to Samasource,  a company that connects technology companies and people in the developing world looking for work, the article notes GoodGuide’s work with Samasource to aid in researching ingredients in products.

Huffington Post: “Sustainable Courses For A Healthy Holiday Meal” Lifestyle expert Pooja Mottl gives easy recipes for delicious, sustainable meals, and recommends using GoodGuide at the grocery store to ensure the ingredients are healthy.

Yahoo! Canada “Find The Best Announces Partnership With GoodGuide” A number of prominent websites shared the news about Find The Best’s new platform built for GoodGuide, which allows users to easily compare brands and companies based on filters important to them.

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