Compare Favorite Brands With New Tool

You may know how your favorite companies score on GoodGuide, but do you know how they compare to each other based on factors such as their environmental impacts and treatment of workers? Now, with technology from data-driven comparison site FindTheBest, you will have the ability to do just that.

With the new Company Comparison and Brand Comparison tools, users can find and compare companies and brands based on name, product categories, overall scientific rating, environment rating, society rating and more. This makes it easy to quickly discover how favorite brands match up against each other, and how they stand on issues that personally matter to you. This allows for an entirely new experience on GoodGuide, with a whole new level of interaction and discovery.

FindTheBest shares similar goals to GoodGuide and aims to provide total transparency for all consumers. Meaningful partnerships such as this will put additional pressure on brands to disclose all information and will quickly the transformation the marketplace. With this and other essential tools such as GoodGuide’s Transparency Toolbar and Purchase Analyzer, it is continually faster and easier for consumers to make purchasing desicions that are aligned with their values.

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