A Good Guide To Holiday Shopping

If you are still scrambling to find last minute gifts, it’s pretty safe to say that electronics will be one of the main items on your list.  But did you know that by gifting someone a fancy new flat screen TV, you could also be giving them years of high energy bills and contributing to environmental destruction? Here are some tips on finding the safest, greenest products:

  • Computers: Buy laptops. Desktops use more energy and raw materials than laptops, making them less attractive not only from an aesthetic, but also an environmental standpoint.
  • Televisions:  LED TVs are your best choice. Plasma TVs used to be less efficient than LCDs, but they have caught up in terms of energy usage. The main goal here is to buy a TV that meets your needs (i.e. not a 60 inch monstrosity for your tiny 10×10 living room) that is ENERGY STAR rated.
  • Cell Phones:  Does your phone’s charger suck up energy when it’s not being used? Many manufactures will not disclose charger standby energy usage. Additionally, there have been quite a few scandals within the supply chain at popular companies like Apple, so do your research before purchasing.
  • Re-gifting an unused electronic product from last year is a great way to stay eco-friendly. Just make sure it hasn’t been recalled by using the handy Items I Own tool from We Make It Safer. Enter some information, such as the brand, on electronics you own and the system will check for the last 10 years of recalls. Once you’re sure the gift is safe, go ahead and pass it on.

Check out this video from GoodGuide founder Dara O’Rourke for additional tips:

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5 Responses to A Good Guide To Holiday Shopping

  1. You DO have a direct competitor . . . EWG, Environmental Working Group.

    Great video/presentation though . . .

  2. smile kenya says:

    The holiday guidelines provided gives us a brilliant and memorable shopping steps for our and other peoples’ importance. Through it we can now make non-regrettable decisions especially this festive season. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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  4. smile kenya says:

    Thanks for the guidelines. The tips on finding the safest, greenest products this season is a great one. I like the way you illustrate your points and in a very attractive manner. Thanks for all that you’ve continued to share with us for eons. We’re looking forward to have/see more of your posts. We strongly believe that they will continue to be of help in our daily lives.

  5. RX says:

    This list only really deal with how much energy the products use not the environmental goodness of the materials in the electronic products.

    Laptops tend to be replaced more often because they break down more often and are unable to accommodate upgrades the extend their usefulness. My brother a replaced a couple laptops in the time span I have had my desktop computer. That seems like a HUGE waste to me. Monitors/keyboards/mouses/and speakers can reused on a new desktop. Nothing a laptop can be reused. Laptops also use Lithium ion batterys that use rare earth metals, desktops use no such raw materials since they are usually plugged directly into a power source.

    (sorry if these things are talked about int the video, I cant watch it here at work)

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