How Would A Celebrity Rate?

It’s clear that Britney Spears is a slave for endorsements, as seen in her recent music videos that are chock-full of product placements. In honor of the bubblegum-pop-star-turned-scandal-magnet’s 30th birthday, here is a look at what Britney Spears would score if she was rated on GoodGuide (and, if necessary, ways to redeem herself):

Pepsi (6.1) Who can forget Brit Brit’s legendary Pepsi commercial that premiered during Super Bowl XXXV? The cola giant has an average score overall, but rates poorly for environmental impacts and customer service controversies. Better choice: Honest Tea (8.2) Being photographed with a healthy, fair-trade beverage would do wonders for her image.

McDonalds (5.6) Britney’s frequent Mickey D’s trips have always been a paparazzi favorite. Not only does the fast food king serve not-so-nutritious food, but it also does a poor job when it comes to managing environmental resources. Better choice: Starbucks (6.3) Already a clear fan of their Frappuccinos, endorsing a slightly healthier choice or fair-trade product would be a step up for the fast food queen.

Kohl’s (5.6) A few years back, Britney teamed up with Candie’s to design a line of shoes for mega-retailer Kohl’s. Not a very transparent company, Kohl’s discloses very little about its environmental practices. Better choice: Patagonia (8.1) Britney could have had a much bigger impact if she had teamed up with this socially conscious brand.

Sony (6.7) Her highly criticized, ad-littered “Hold It Against Me” video has multiple (and obvious) product shots of Sony electronics.  Coincidentally, Sony happens to own Britney’s label Jive Records.  Scoring above average on environmental practices, Sony is the highest scoring of all Britney’s endorsements. We can’t hold this one against her.

MAC (6.2) Many makeup artists have promoted the use of M.A.C. products on Britney, but these products tend to score low on GoodGuide because of the use of controversial chemicals. The company itself, however, has an average score. Better choice:  The Body Shop (6.7) Won’t erase memories of the head shaving blunder, but at least a natural makeup look from a socially responsible company is a start.

Average Goodguide score: 6/10.  If Britney is going to be an endorsement machine, we suggest she make some switches to better products!

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