Weed Out Greenwashing With GoodGuide

Imagine if you instantly knew whether an ad was truthful when surfing the web. Or better yet, whether the company behind the ad was aligned with the issues that matter to you. This is now possible with an exciting new feature on the Transparency Toolbar that will screen out the greenwashing when shopping online.

Whenever you are using sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing, GoodGuide ratings will appear underneath ads, alerting you if product or company passes or fails your personal filter. With the Transparency Toolbar, you don’t even need to click the link or read through reports to get to the bottom line.

Simply install the toolbar, customize your shopping filter, and let GoodGuide ratings evaluate how products and companies match up to your values. The Toolbar will also appear when you are shopping online at Amazon – all designed to make it easier for you to be sure you’re shopping the way you want.

Check out this quick video to learn how the Transparency Toolbar helps you weed out the greenwashers:

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