Tips For A Sustainable (And Delicious) Holiday

Want to make holiday meals that are better for your family and the planet this season? GoodGuide teamed up with Sustainable Table and lifestyle expert Pooja Mottl to chat about the ease and importance of cooking sustainable holiday meals. Here are some great recipes and tips that were shared:

What are some seasonal ingredients you can use in holiday cooking?

  • Holiday favorites like Cinnamon and Peppermint.
  • Winter Squashes like Butternut, Acorn and Spaghetti. Easy to roast with butter and brown sugar.
  • Explore whole, unrefined ingredients like wheat berries (the precursor to wheat).
  • Pomegranates are wonderful for this season as well!

What are the benefits of cooking at home? 

  • Higher quality meals.
  • Safer ingredients- you know what you are eating.
  • Less expensive than eating out.
  • When shopping for ingredients, make sure to use the GoodGuide app to ensure you are purchasing the healthiest ingredients.

Why is it important to support sustainable food?

  • It is especially important for seafood, as many fish carry harmful toxins.
  • It is better for the environment and you are supporting your local community.
  • At farmers markets, you can actually meet the farmers who grew the food, and learn about where everything is from.
  • You’ll even save money!

Now time for some recipes! Here are some great ones that were shared:

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