November Good News Roundup

Have you heard all the good news about our new Purchase Analyzer? The media has certainly recognized the potential for the Analyzer to redefine online shopping as we know it, and finally make it easy to find the greenest products (at the best prices):

Treehugger “GoodGuide Launches Purchase Analyzer To Help You Buy Better, Save More”: Noting that they “adore GoodGuide,” Treehugger believes that the new Analyzer could be an “incredible way to do your online shopping in a way that makes it even easier to be earth-friendly and healthier”

Fast Co.Exist “GoodGuide Enables Ethical Shopping For The Lazy”: This spinoff of Fast Company also writes that they are huge fans of GoodGuide, and that the Analyzer makes it “simple for even the laziest among us to make better shopping decisions”.

Smart Planet “A Tool Designed To Help Eco-Conscious, Health-Minded Shoppers”: Just in time for holiday shopping, the editor focuses on how the Analyzer makes it easy to find the best prices in addition to the most ethical products.

The Economist “Values For Money”: Dedicating an entire feature to the GoodGuide suite of products, this well-respected publication writes about how GoodGuide is helping consumers become the virtuous shoppers they strive to be.

Business Insider “The 9 Most Obnoxious Stores In The Mall”: When shopping, are there stores you avoid at all costs? Utilizing user feedback and GoodGuide ratings, Business Insider composed a list of the worst offenders.

Mother Nature Network “Biodegradable Soap”: Now that there are plenty of options for biodegradable soap, consult MNN’s list (powered by GoodGuide ratings) before purchasing.

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