The GoodGuide Purchase Analyzer: Redefining Online Shopping

Comparison shopping is getting personal. Imagine if you had the ability to match your shopping cart against your own values and preferences, ultimately revealing better products at the best prices. With GoodGuide’s new Purchase Analyzer you can do just that.

For the first time ever, rather than spending hours researching the safety of products you purchase for your home and family, GoodGuide‘s scientists do all the legwork scanning over 130,000 products and filtering them through your personal preferences.  Just sync up stores you frequently shop at, like, or even local grocery stores like Safeway, and then personalize the shopping filter with environmental, social and health issues that are important to you. In mere seconds, the Analyzer evaluates your shopping history and recommends products that are more aligned with what you and your family want. A list of top retailers is also revealed to help you find the best prices.

Think of it as a virtual personal shopper that will ease the transition to becoming a more conscious consumer.  With one click, the Purchase Analyzer gives instant advice about the safety and environmental impact of frequent purchases. It will also suggest entirely new products that could become household staples. Whenever you are ready to embark on a new shopping trip, just return to your dashboard to track your progress and discover safer, healthier products.

The Purchase Analyzer is the newest addition to the GoodGuide suite of products designed to make life easier and healthier. Designed to work fluidly with the entire GoodGuide platform (including the mobile app, the Transparency Toolbar browser extension and, the Analyzer is the next step we’ve taken to help you find the best products, wherever you are.

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2 Responses to The GoodGuide Purchase Analyzer: Redefining Online Shopping

  1. Uri Moszkowicz says:

    Why does Vanicream Suncreen get a 10 health rating but fail the scientifically proven hazards filter? Also, the Organic filter seems to be incorrect in some cases from my Amazon order history.

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