Healthy Snacking, To Go

Ever wonder what food you can bring through airport security? Or what snacks won’t spoil in an 8 hour trek to grandmother’s house? GoodGuide teamed up with Revolution Foods, Plum Organics and dietitian Elisa Zied to answer these questions (and more). Familiarize yourself with these tips before the holiday traveling season begins, and you won’t be in as much as a panic next delayed flight/ traffic jam/ afternoon tantrum:

What are easy snacks to grab before hitting the road?

What food can you bring past airport security?

  • Bring an empty water bottle- you can fill it up after security without paying $4 a bottle
  • Plum Pouches are 3.17oz and will make it past security if you are traveling with a baby
  • Unpeeled fruit and most wrapped snacks are allowed. Print the TSA guidelines and bring them with you for reference.

How do you ensure food safety during long travels?

  • Travel with non-perishables. The danger zone for perishable foods is 40 to 140 degrees. Keep food out for no more than 2 hours
  • Keep a cooler with ice packs handy at all times. If you are on a plane, pack a baggie and fill it with ice after security.
  • Make sure foods are sealed properly and not left in a car or trunk to get overheated. Overheated soon becomes spoiled!

Any tips for feeding babies on-the-go?

  • Plan a set time to feed. If you are feeling rushed, mealtime won’t go smoothly.
  • Be prepared! Always have backup food on hand in case your baby doesn’t like what’s offered.
  • Forget the bib. Sometimes it’s easier to just have a new shirt on hand for messy eaters!
  • Keep small cups on hand to ensure proper portion sizes. Avoid plastic or BPA in the containers you choose.
  • Consume snacks and meals when the car is parked. Choking is a real concern and it’s best to be ready to assist if necessary.

What are some kid-friendly meals you can find at junk food heavy rest stops?

  • Most places have a fruit cup or fruit option available.
  • Stop at a grocery store and make your own quick meal. If this isn’t an option, look for food with ingredients you can actually pronounce.
  • No matter what you choose, best bet is opt for smallest portion available to minimize calories/fat/cholesterol
  • When buying low fat yogurt, granola bars and other seemingly healthful snacks, look for those with less added sugar.

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