October Good News Roundup

With the occupy movement enveloping our country and recent food dangers populating the news, GoodGuide has been an important resource during it all. From The Daily Beast lists of products to avoid (powered by our ratings) to GoodGuide’s role in the demand for increased transparency, it is clear we continue to be an essential tool for consumers.

The Daily Beast: “The 20 Unhealthiest Cereals” Pointing out that cereal isn’t as innocent as it seems and can be quite unhealthy, this Newsweek blog created a list of the worst offenders powered by GoodGuide health scores.

Mashable.com: “9 Sites That Measure Companies’ Social Responsibility” GoodGuide is featured first on the list of the top websites and tools that assist with socially conscious purchasing decisions.

The Globe and Mail: “The ‘Occupy’ Movement And Your Investment Portfolio” Noting that consumers now have even greater power in quickly supporting one company over another, the article mentions that GoodGuide plays an important role because it educates shoppers about the ramifications of buying certain products.

Fast Company: “New Product Label To Promote Green Building Materials” GoodGuide is mentioned as an important tool in urging companies to become more transparent because it allows a consumer to view how healthy products really are, wherever they are.

The Daily Beast: “Most Toxic Home-Cleaning Products” In another roundup of products to avoid, GoodGuide ratings power this list of popular household cleaners that are actually filled with dangerous toxins.

Christian Science Monitor “The Rise Of The Eco-Concierge” Discussing the new trend of using personal assistants to help people become eco-friendly, the author notes that GoodGuide was one of the pioneers in the movement of helping consumers making greener choices.

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  1. What an amazing blog! I read through the entire thing and it was extremely interesting!

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