A Good Guide To Reducing Household Toxins

Toxins are so widespread that they are in our personal care products, our cleaning supplies and even our plastics. Is this the future we want for our families? The Trash Cancer movement is determined to put an end to this by providing consumers with the tools and knowledge they need to live a preventative life. They recently partnered with GoodGuide to host a chat party about being a smart consumer and reducing toxins in your home. Ready the tips below and start checking off the Trash Cancer checklist to get started! 

What are the safest household cleaners to use on a weekly basis?

  • Beware of extra strength cleaners. So many cleaning chemicals are overkill for the average household need. Think about the cleaning job you need done – and then choose the mildest cleaner that works.
  • Non-toxic cleaners help your kids breath easier and are easier on the environment. The most popular fast-acting cleaners can be the most dangerous!
  • Go back to basics. Use baking soda and vinegar, inexpensive yet effective.
  • Use GoodGuide to find the safest household cleaners.

How can you make your bathroom cabinet safer?

  • The GoodGuide Toolbar has a controversial ingredient filter so you can avoid chemicals when shopping online.
  • Wash your hands with regular soap and water. More effective than killing germs with harsh chemicals. Watch out for antibacterial formulas that contain Triclosan.
  • Other parts of the bathroom houses toxins too! A new shower curtain can release 108 toxic chemicals into the air for a month.

What is the greenest way to do laundry?

  • When possible, use a cold water cycle, and definitely a cold water rinse, which will remove soap just as well as warm/hot water.
  • Use the correct quantity of concentrated detergent. Most people use far more than they need, which can increase the likelihood of detergent residue on the clothing and waste money.
  • Stay away from scented laundry detergents & dryer sheets.
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3 Responses to A Good Guide To Reducing Household Toxins

  1. Lydia Gralla says:

    These information is so appreciated. Almost every day I feel like I need to do a search online to alleviate my concerns but often I just don’t have the time. Now all I have to do is regularly check this blog.
    Thank you!

  2. A great guide especially as young children can be easily damaged from toxic smells.

  3. Showerfilter says:

    Showering in chlorinated water can increase indoor air pollution. Some of the chemicals in treated tap water will vaporize (e.g. chloroform) at shower water temperatures. You can reduce this problem with an inexpensive shower filter available at any big box home improvement store or online.

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