How To Shop Sustainably

Do you try to support companies with ethical and sustainable practices? Do you only buy Fair Trade certified products if given the option? Every purchase matters, which is why GoodGuide partnered with Fair Trade USA for a Twitter party about shopping sustainably. From consumers who avidly support Fair Trade products to those who were learning about the certification components for the first time, all attendees shared beneficial advice. Here are some tips:

Why do you buy Fair Trade products?

  • You know you are supporting companies that treat their workers ethically.
  • Choosing Fair Trade is a way to be sure that money is being equitably distributed to the people who grew/processed the food you purchase.
  • The products are of high quality and aren’t mass produced.
  • If a product has the black and white Fair Trade Certified label, you know it’s certified by Fair Trade USA. There are now more than 10,000 products in the United States that are Fair Trade certified.

What is your favorite Fair Trade product?

  • Coffee from brands like Grounds for Change.
  • Chocolate, because you feel less guilty about eating it.
  • Look for Fair Trade products throughout the grocery store from tea and chocolate to quinoa and rice.
  • You can bake with Fair Trade sugar, honey, vanilla and spices.

Cotton can also be certified. What Fair Trade apparel have you purchased?

  • Maggie’s Organics is a top-rated GoodGuide brand with Fair Trade apparel.
  • Vintage or second-hand clothing is another way to avoid bad companies.
  • Look online to shop for smaller Fair Trade apparel brands.

Which stores around you carry Fair Trade products?

  • Whole Foods!
  • The GoodGuide Transparency Toolbar instantly reveals Fair Trade products while shopping online.
  • Use the Fair Trade Finder on Facebook or download it for smart phone to find products locally.
  • If your local store doesn’t carry Fair Trade products, request that they do!

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