Weekly Good News Roundup 9/30

From uncovering the hidden meanings behind product labels to exposing the health risks of frozen meals, this week’s media coverage is crucial for conscious consumers to read:

TheDailyBeast.com “20 Unhealthiest Frozen Meals”: Newsweek’s news and opinion website teamed up with GoodGuide to present a list of “killer” frozen meals that might seem convenient but in reality are chock-full of trans fat and sodium. Although some offenders can be expected, there are definitely some surprises on the list. Can eating in be just as detrimental to a healthy diet as eating out?

HuffingtonPost.com “Product Labeling Secrets”: Even if you pay close attention to product labels, there are still things you won’t be able to determine such as if GMO ingredients were used or how “natural” something might really be. The author takes a positive approach to this issue and notes that with tools such as the GoodGuide Transparency Toolbar, consumers will be better equipped to fully understand what they are purchasing.

SmallBizTrends.com “4 Ways Apps Help Your Business Be Greener”: This article provides a roundup of the best smartphone apps that will help businesses lower their environmental footprint. GoodGuide is featured on this list as an essential app to find the greenest products!

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