Weekly Good News Roundup 9/16

There are lots of exciting things going on at GoodGuide right now: a contest to review the Transparency Toolbar, a Facebook giveaway with Gourmet Body Treats and tons of upcoming Twitter parties with themes such as healthy snacking. And of course, there is the constant flow of good news about our new toolbar and mobile apps!

ConservationValue.com “Upgrading to Greener Products”: Just as the title suggests, this article explains how easy it is to upgrade your everyday products to ones that are greener, safer and healthier by using GoodGuide’s easy-to-use tools. The writer notes that even if “people might look at you funny,  it’s a simple way to vote with your everyday choices to protect the health of your family and our environment.”

SequoiaLab.com “Sustainable Shopping: On the Right Track with GoodGuide”:  The new tools are praised as being essential for consumers who want to find more sustainable, healthy products without having to do tons of research. The article notes how GoodGuide makes it easy to make better purchasing decisions by ranking product performance on a relative scale using an array of environmental, health and social impact metrics.

MyGoodCents.net “GoodGuide: Finding Better Products”:  The blogger notes that GoodGuide is quickly becoming a favorite site because of the ability to search through thousands of products and find ratings on the health, environment and social responsibility of companies and products.

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