Weekly Good News Roundup 9/9

In addition to the rave reviews of our new Transparency Toolbar, our revamped mobile apps (iPhone and Android) are getting lots of positive media attention as well. It is becoming increasingly clear that with GoodGuide, you can shop your values wherever you shop! Check out all the good news we had this week:

“You download the mobile app, you can scan products at grocery stores (assuming you still buy groceries at actual brick-and-mortar establishments) and get an immediate verdict on whether they jive with your previously expressed values.” LA Weekly

“Any tool that makes the products we buy more transparent, so that we can make the right decisions with our buying power, will revolutionize the supply chain. You can change the world just by sending a clear message with your consumer dollars… Get your GoodGuide Transparency Toolbar today!” TLC’s Parentables

“GoodGuide– the respected ethical pocket consumer guide– will help you cut through the bullshit while shopping online.” Boise Weekly

“Download [this app] to see which cars, laundry detergent, dish wash soap, or peanut butter is best for your body, planet, and community.” Olive & Myrtle

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