Weekly Good News Roundup 9/2

And the great reviews of the Transparency Toolbar keep coming in! Everyone from the software experts at PCWorld to top beauty bloggers are raving about the ability to shop your values while shopping online with the new toolbar extension. Check out this week’s media highlights, and if you missed the onslaught of reviews in last week’s blog you can read them here.

“The toolbar does a nice job of giving the average shopper just enough detail. Assuming you’re curious, you may then evaluate the ratings in more detail by clicking the Full Rating button on the right side of the toolbar.” PCWorld

“Living a healthy, green life can get easier with GoodGuide’s new Transparency Toolbar. GoodGuide.com is a site that contains tons of information about the health, social and environmental performance of consumer products and one of the main categories on the website is personal care products.” Style and Beauty Doctor

“The browser add-on tags along during your eShopping trips and offers advice on whether the products you’re eyeing are Mother Nature friendly, or if you could better serve the planet by using a similar product.” Tecca

“The next time you’re wandering the isles of your favorite retailer or searching for a great deal on Amazon.com, keep these tools in mind… you’re on a more enlightened path with GoodGuide.” Environmental Defense Fund

We also launched redesigned iPhone and Android apps this week, so make sure to try them out at the grocery store this weekend.

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