Weekly Good News Roundup 8/26

With the rave reviews of the Transparency Toolbar flooding in, we put together a quick recap of all the highlights to show how this innovative new tool really is a game changer for those who want to find safer, greener products. The quotes below all drive home the fact that consumers can now shop based not on what retailers and brand marketers want them to see, but rather on what they want to know.

“Just as food labels help consumers make healthy decisions, a new product from GoodGuide can aid them in making socially responsible purchases.” Good Magazine

“What if you could level the playing field by adding information to the shopping experience that provides a more complete picture? That level of transparency has arrived. Recently, the scientists and engineers at GoodGuide developed a Transparency Toolbar for online shopping.” Huffington Post

“For now, GoodGuide is the only organization offering a service that makes detailed consumer product information both accessible and easy to understand.” Fast Company

“As we all know, true transparency isn’t always easy to come by these days, particularly when shopping online, which is why this new tool from GoodGuide is such a gem.” Mother Nature Network

“A new tool made by the company GoodGuide can help you make more socially responsible (and healthy) decisions when shopping online. The ‘GoodGuide Transparency Toolbar’ pops up while you shop and rates products on safety, health and environmental issues.” BlissTree

“For those of you who are currently gearing up for a new baby, the Transparency Toolbar can help you quickly decide which baby products you’d like to purchase or register for without having to spend hours researching companies or possible toxins.” Green Baby Guide

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