An Expert Resource For The Conscious Consumer

Everyday Health, a resource for the latest news and information to keep your family healthy, recently profiled founder Dara O’Rourke in a compelling feature outlining his journey to creating GoodGuide. The article examines how before GoodGuide’s launch, consumers did not have an easy way to find safe products without being confused by greenwashing claims. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

My health breakthrough: I grew up never really thinking about health issues. My family was luckily always very healthy and active. I was a swimmer and water polo player growing up and through college. My father is still a masters runner (in his seventies). So I honestly didn’t really think much about health issues until I was in my twenties conducting research in factories in Southeast Asia. While living and working in Southeast Asia, I got sick a number of times from poor water and hygiene. But more importantly, I saw firsthand the incredibly tough health conditions of workers in factories producing shoes, clothes, electronics, even food for the U.S. market. Over a number of years in the mid-’90s, I was able to get inside these factories and conduct research on worker health and safety conditions. This research ultimately led to a report on the working conditions of Nike workers in Vietnam, which ended up as a front page story in The New York Times and helped spur my interest in health conditions around the world.

You can read the entire feature here. The website Everyday Health itself is also a great resource for the conscious consumer, and has tons of articles to help you make the healthiest and safest choices. It is definitly GoodGuide approved!

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