Interview with Lindsay Bressman: GoodGuide Mom-To-Be

We managed to squeeze in time to chat with GoodGuide user Lindsay Bressman weeks before the birth of her first baby to hear her insights about the planning experience. Currently residing in the Bay area with her husband, Lindsay works in healthcare administration but recently took maternity leave to gear up for their first baby. So did GoodGuide help this first-time mom make good shopping choices?

How has GoodGuide helped you with your shopping?

Most of the last 9 months have been research on GoodGuide. I spend most of my time online since there’s like 300 products you have to buy. Especially when it’s your first kid, you are really looking for outside guidance and resources. 

What was the most surprising thing you found out about a product on GoodGuide?
A lot of companies have reputations for being healthy, socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Then you read something on GoodGuide and realize these reputations are more in your head than based on a fact. It’s good to know that the info on GoodGuide is coming from expert research. It helps you to get the truth.

What will you become more conscious of when shopping for your baby?
One of the things I was looking at was detergent. I was going to be doing some cleaning of clothes in advance and my mother warned me that I shouldn’t use the same product that I normally use. I want something free of dyes and that used natural ingredients. I was always told Dreft was the product to use, but after consulting GoodGuide I am switching to Seventh Generation Free & Clear because it will be sensitive enough for the baby and the company is socially responsible.

How will you use the Transparency Toolbar to shop for your new baby?
I’m so inundated with information, mostly just what people claim is good, and sometimes it is overwhelming. I like this toolbar because it is very clear and you don’t have to search around for reviews to see what people are saying. It gives clear scores and makes shopping easier.

What advice would you give to someone that hasn’t used GoodGuide before?
As someone becoming a new mom, I can tell you that GoodGuide is very user friendly. I have so many things to think about and obviously want what is safe and healthiest for my child. I also want to support companies that are aligned with what I believe is fair from a labor perspective and what’s good for the world. I presume if I buy a product from a company that I trust is doing the right thing for its employees, then that’s a teaching moment. I feel confident about the product because it has high health standards along with the extra layer of social and environmental consciousness. For someone that wants to make good decisions on what they are purchasing, GoodGuide makes that process easy.

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