Weekly Good News Roundup 7/15

GoodGuide was everywhere this week, from a Sprint commercial to CNN Money. Being the good people that we are, we’ve compiled the best clippings into one simple post. Let us know what you think and comment on your favorite articles!

Money.CNN.com: “The Trouble with Green Product Ratings”  Fortune examines the obstacles to creating a sustainability index for all consumer products and recognizes GoodGuide as being a pioneer in this movement.

HuffingtonPost.com: “How Could Nike Not Know? And How Do We Find Out?” GoodGuide founder Dara O’Rourke investigates Nike’s supply chain transparency issues after recent news of labor abuse and environmental pollution in their factories.

ReeveConsulting.com: “GoodGuide.com for Sustainable Purchasing Programs”  This ethical and sustainable consulting company commends GoodGuide for being user-friendly, utilizing accurate data and demonstrating socially responsible practices. The article also notes GoodGuide is also a useful tool for corporate purchasers with a sustainable policy.

The GoodGuide mobile app was featured on Sprint’s newest commercial! Check out the screenshot:

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