Weekly Good News Roundup

Didn’t read enough good stuff this week? Check out these GoodGuide web mentions for a healthy dose of need-to-know news. And don’t forget to share your favorite articles (it makes us feel good):

HuffingtonPost.com: “Eighty Percent of Vitamin C is Imported From China, is it Safe?” GoodGuide founder Dara O’Rourke writes an article about the contradictions and concerns of the rapid growth of US food and drug imports, while Congress is cutting the FDA’s budget.

BNet.com: “Why Most Companies Who ‘Go Green’ Do It All Wrong” GoodGuide is highlighted as a tool that allows consumers to measure a company’s sustainability, which will ultimately force businesses to become transparent.

ProgrammableWeb.com: “Get Holistic and Scientific with GoodGuide” Blog highlights the GoodGuide API, which enables web developers to integrate GoodGuide’s ratings into other services, sites, and apps.

HuffingtonPost.com: “What to Look Out for When It Comes to Sunscreen Safety” CEO of Marie Veronique Oraganic, Hillary Peterson, notes that GoodGuide is building awareness about what goes on your skin and your body.

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