Going retro with packaging

Consumer packaged goods are, obviously, packaged. Over the past few months, the focus of most industry experts and the media has been what makes up the packages (ref: Pepsi and Coca-Cola announcing plant-based packaging). Before this sustainability and marketing strategy was employed, the real focus for marketers was in the advertising space packaging afforded. What and how information is displayed on product packaging is a very critical step in product development. It’s so important that the Wall Street Journal recently reported about a new packaging trend: going retro. Major consumer packaged goods companies, including Procter & Gamble, General Mills, and PepsiCo, are bringing old package designs back to life to “benefit from consumers’ generally sunny impression of the past.”

Image courtesy of Boyle + Garner for The Wall Street Journal

Do you think sunny impressions of the past are enough to convince shoppers to buy? Or are people starting to think more about what’s actually inside the packaging? Let us know and share your comments about retro packaging below.

About Sheila Viswanathan

Sheila Viswanathan focuses on educating individuals on how to make healthier dietary choices. She received her doctoral degree in Nutrition and Public Health from Teachers College, Columbia University and is certified as a registered dietitian.
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