GoodGuide and GreenMyParents from Rudy – Cell Phones

Rudy Sanchez is an Environmental Advocate and senior at the Environmental Charter High School where he leads the Green Ambassadors program. He has taught at hundreds of schools about sustainability and GreenMyParents.   

YOUth like games because they are fun and, well, you can win, but you can’t win without keeping score. Companies also keep score with product features like speed and size and, of course, profits. It’s time to take it one-step further. I want to reward companies who take care of people and the planet, but I think I sent the wrong signal with my last cell phone purchase. More on the that later…

The good news: there are lots of green product certifications.  When I go shopping with my family it’s hard to count all the products labeled “Certified Organic” or “FSC Certified Paper” and more.  The bad news: labels and marketing terms are confusing, especially for parents, and things like “eco-friendly” or “natural” are virtually meaningless, or worse, a scam.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know the green score of a product? I’m not just talking about how well it works, but how the product is made, what’s in it, and what’s its true eco-economic cost.

One group GMP YOUth are working with is GoodGuide. Their independent scientists have scored thousands of companies’ products across health, environment and society.  Other groups with a scoring approach include: which ranks companies as a whole and Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” cosmetics scoring system.

Now, back to my last cell phone, a Palm Pre, had a GoodGuide overall score of 6.6 on a scale of 1 to 10. My current one, a Blackberry Curve, has a score of 3.5, ouch!  I was planning on upgrading to HTC’s Evo, but it only scored 5.4.  Click to see which Cell Phones top GoodGuide’s list!

With GoodGuide, GMP Youth will be scoring everything from clothes to food, to dish soap. As always, if you aren’t keeping score, YOUth don’t know how you’re doing for people, the planet and profits.

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Learn more about GreenMyParents, its books series and social media campaign.

About Josh Dorfman

Josh Dorfman is GoodGuide's VP of Marketing. An environmental entrepreneur, author, and television and radio host, Josh is best known as "The Lazy Environmentalist," the media brand he created as a blog, book series, SiriusXM radio show and award-winning television series on Sundance Channel. In 2011, he was inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame.
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One Response to GoodGuide and GreenMyParents from Rudy – Cell Phones

  1. mjmark says:

    An environmental entrepreneur always appreciated. Now the new world is becoming environmentally unacceptable for the new generation. Thank you for your sharing.

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