Look Who’s On GoodGuide: Anna Getty, Author and Green Living and Holistic Lifestyle Expert

Many people are doing wonderful work to elevate our consciousness and help us lead lives more closely attuned with our social andenvironmental values. Anna Getty does it on so many fronts and in ways that celebrate the journey. She refers to it as PureStyle Living, which at its core is about living in balance and making a difference. As she writes:

“PureStyle living is all about the balance. Combining style and sustainability is getting easier every day. We can shop organic, buy fair-trade products and still look gorgeous in the process. PureStyle is about making conscious choices to maintain a lovely quality of life for you and your family while making a positive impact (no matter how great or small) in your neighborhood and the global community.”

I’m a big fan of her work and her vision. So it’s very special to welcome her to the GoodGuide Community (see Anna’s member profile page). She is the author of I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas and the cookbook Anna Getty’s Easy, Green Organic. She’s the co-founder of Pregnancy Awarenss Month. Anna also sits on the board of Healthy Child, Healthy World and the Environmental Media Awards and works closely with the Organic Center.

We had a chance to hear from Anna about her work, her views on green living, and her hopes for the future.

GG: You’ve been promoting sustainable living for a while now. Have your thinking and actions evolved about what it means to live a green, holistic lifestyle?

AG: I truly believe living a green lifestyle is very personal. Some people jump right in, making drastic changes immediately and others have to make changes slowly and one step at a time. Some people make the changes for political reasons and others for financial reasons. What I understand now is that it does not matter why. In the beginning when I began making changes in my life I was much more dogmatic, now my thinking has evolved into being more thoughtful and much less judgmental. Ultimately I want people to make changes because they feel positive and enthusiastic about the choices they make. In the end, if every person made one change (for whatever reason they chose), I think we could be in a very different place.

GG: As the co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, what’s been most rewarding for you about launching this initiative?

AG: Getting women involved and excited about the campaign has been incredibly rewarding. The campaign is about celebrating this special time (pregnancy) in a woman’s life but it has also been about getting women around the country to interact and support one another and I feel we are achieving this.

GG: In Easy Green Organic you reveal many of your favorite cooking recipes. What’s your favorite meal to prepare for your family?

In Italy I love to go out into my garden and cook what is in season and fresh. It is incredibly rewarding to eat what I have helped grow. I also love to go to the farmer’s market and support the farmer’s who grow the food locally and seasonally. One of my favorite meals to make is a nice huge, fresh salad, a plate of pasta (organic of course) with fresh home grown and home made tomato sauce with garlic and basil and fresh garden veggies on the side. Simple, unadulterated ingredients.

GG: The environmental movement has made a lot of progress to date, but we still have such a long way to go. What do you hope to see happen in the year ahead?

I would love for people to get more involved on a personal level. Not just donating money to environmental level or buying a hybrid but starting a garden or becoming part of a community garden or donating their time a recycling center or beach clean-up. Really connecting to the community feel of of contributing to a positive future. Making lifestyles changes is a great and important but getting involved in the community can be equally important. Again, just start with one little thing.

GG: With so much cynicism in the marketplace today about green marketing claims, what role do you see for GoodGuide in empowering women to lead healthier, more sustainable lifestyles?

I think it is very important for women to have a third party information source they can trust. There is so much cynicism, we feel we can trust our government, we can’t trust corporations but to have GoodGuide be a reputable and trusting resource is very exciting and invaluable. Women particularly moms are key influencers in the marketplace in this day and age. We become loyal customers and love to share what we learn with our communities.

You can also follow Anna at MyTuscanLife.com.

About Josh Dorfman

Josh Dorfman is GoodGuide's VP of Marketing. An environmental entrepreneur, author, and television and radio host, Josh is best known as "The Lazy Environmentalist," the media brand he created as a blog, book series, SiriusXM radio show and award-winning television series on Sundance Channel. In 2011, he was inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame.
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