The Power of One Voice

Last night, I attended the BlogHer holiday party in San Francisco, where I met many amazing women who are sharing their joys, sorrows, revelations, and frustrations through the blogosphere. Needless to say, I was in awe at the variety of topics people were passionate enough to blog about daily. Most impressive and inspirational, though, was that one voice could have a huge impact.

Meeting so many passionate bloggers last night prompted me to do a quick search for blogs that highlight the work we do at GoodGuide. Changing the marketplace for the better is dependent on consumers being aware of what they are buying, as well as the tools to gain this awareness. Spreading the word about conscious consumerism and GoodGuide is absolutely instrumental to our work. This post is devoted to individuals who have done just that.

An infinite number of thank yous to the following:

Full Posts:

9/23/2010 – AppVamp
10/8/2010 – Hints of Green
10/14/2010 – The Sustainable Scribe
10/19/2010 – The Earth Connection
10/22/2010 – University of Scranton’s Weinberg Memorial Library
10/28/2010 – Harmony Dental Center
10/28/2010 – eco-swagger
11/2/2010 – Chem-E with a Conscience
11/5/2010 – Enviromom
11/19/2010 – Livegreen2go
11/22/2010 – Greening the Future
12/8/2010 – Suuthe


10/12/2010 – Business of a Better World
11/8/2010 – Living Balanced
11/8/2010 – Ideas at the Intersection
11/10/2010 – Go Green
11/11/2010 – Finding a Better Way to Work and Live
11/11/2010 – Plain and Simple Me
11/30/2010 – Ecofeminism
12/8/2010 – The BarCode News
12/14/2010 – Clean+Green

If I missed your post, please share your link in the comments section and I will add you to the list. We look forward to reading about GoodGuide site and iPhone app discoveries from more of our fans in the future!

About Sheila Viswanathan

Sheila Viswanathan focuses on educating individuals on how to make healthier dietary choices. She received her doctoral degree in Nutrition and Public Health from Teachers College, Columbia University and is certified as a registered dietitian.
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  1. I am delighted to find my post in your list here and appreciate the thanks you are giving us all- but truly, we all thank YOU for the great work that Good Guide does and the difference you’re making. I am glad to show my support and appreciation by sharing information about Good Guide- the website, the app, etc. Keep up the good work and know that I will definitely continue to share with others the good you are doing!

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