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One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is learning about everyone’s traditions. Last week, I sent an email out to GoodGuide staffers to find out how they planned to spend the upcoming holiday. Based on the responses, I think my colleagues could have put together the Thanksgiving Tip list on their own.

Without further ado, here is the partially censored list of what we’ll be up to over the next few days:

-We make a healthy side dish – Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

-Instead of getting trapped at the mall on Black Friday, my family plays board games on the day after Thanksgiving.

-The biggest thing I’m doing this year is not travelling home. Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday, because I always end up flying for a 2 or 3 day trip. It’s a tricky trade-off, since family is so important.

-Ok, this isn’t very original, but we use organic ingredients and a heritage turkey.

-Make all the problems go away by drinking until passing out. (We work this employee too hard…)

-Don’t eat any food we didn’t grow, pick or shoot. Na, just kidding. Free range turkey and tons of leftovers, including turkey broth soup and homemade stuffing from stale bread.

-Have more vegetable dishes. Have tea + lemon, or 1 parts fruit juice + 2 or 3 parts water. Avoid drinks with too much sugar or non-real sugar.

-Order a turkey from a butcher instead of a pre-packaged, pre-flavored bird. It supports local businesses and give a more naturally flavored meal.

-For one thing, I grew my own pumpkins for the pumpkin pie this year (first time ever), and will be making the crust from scratch. So, for
what it’s worth, no canned pumpkins, no shipping canned pumpkin or frozen pie shells, and much less packaging.

-We never go to the mall on Black Friday. We always go to this big Old Time music party in Old Town Pasadena. I don’t play the fiddle, so I
concentrate on drinking really good bourbon. Not sure that’s good for the environment, but it works for me.

-My girlfriend and I have decided forgo the hassle and emissions related to flying to our parents’ homes. We’re staying at home for T-day.

-We always take in the “orphans” around Thanksgiving, those who can’t make it home to family, or haven’t experienced Thanksgiving.

-We use turkey breast instead of ordering an entire turkey: our current recipe is a butterflied turkey breast roulade with crimini mushrooms and pancetta.

-We’ve never indulged in the Black Friday madness, but stay home and cook the most delicious turkey-wild-rice and mushroom soup from the leftovers.

-It’s a big football weekend, always the Michigan-Ohio State game, so that’s where you’ll find us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

-My family goes out to eat for Thanksgiving. Usually someplace fancy. I don’t know if it made Thanksgiving healthier or environmentally-conscious…the LCA results are still out on that one.

-Health-wise, we eat kimchee with our turkey along with an Vietnamese inspired salad with cut snow peas, jicama, red/green bell peppers, celery, carrots, peanuts, etc.

-Our family goes out during Thanksgiving to feed the hungry.

-I am from Canada, we don’t care about Thanksgiving that much so our environmental footprint is significantly less, and we don’t have Black Friday.

-Usually my family does not serve Four Loko at Thanksgiving, therefore this can be counted as a healthy initiative?

-My favorite thing to do on T-day is to go surfing in the morning. It is healthy. I am out in nature. And I burn calories before dinner.

-My family (parents, brother, etc.) like turkey, so we get an organic turkey. And we try to order the local, heritage organics if at all possible.

-The day after T-day we always make turkey soup with all of the leftover parts.

-On Black Friday I celebrate “Buy Nothing Day.”

-Make sure Thanksgiving dinner is balanced, meaning making sure it’s not starch or protein heavy. We’re also adding more vegetable dishes this year.

-Fill the dishwasher to capacity and use Seventh Generation dish soap, which rates 8.9.

-We try not to have so many electronics on at once – like not having both the stereo and television set on – only one or the other.

-We talk about the new categories of products that are rated on GoodGuide! (Clearly a true, loyal GoodGuider here.)

-Car-pooling to dinner with friends.

-We’ve downsized our turkey many years ago, along with our side dishes. This way we’re not stuck eating the same leftovers for a week and it cuts down on the storage materials (such as saran wrap) and minimizes chances of food going bad.

-We’re switching over to LED lights for the exterior house decorations.

-Not buying a newspaper to check out Black Friday deals. There are plenty of searchable lists online.

-Not eating it at all (sorry, smart aleck response – all of my English relatives wait until Christmas to decimate the turkey population!)

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us here at GoodGuide!

About Sheila Viswanathan

Sheila Viswanathan focuses on educating individuals on how to make healthier dietary choices. She received her doctoral degree in Nutrition and Public Health from Teachers College, Columbia University and is certified as a registered dietitian.
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4 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving From GoodGuide

  1. Our tradition: Whatever we eat, everyone at the table tells what makes her/him most grateful. Usually it’s not food or stuff you can buy.

  2. No vegetarians?
    My family of 4 eat the Quorn Turkey loaf, since we are all vegetarians. No turkeys killed! We also eat as much organic as we can. Everything is made from scratch.

  3. A GoodGuider says:

    What Sheila neglected to mention was that the photo is of the GoodGuide team after volunteering at Glide Memorial Church where we helped serve dinner to some of the many homeless, hungry and needy people in San Francisco. While it was a rewarding and worthwhile activity it’s a sobering thought that while we’re all tucking into heaps of turkey and salivating over sales there are many who are so needy with precious little to give thanks for. So after you’re done giving thanks why not take the opportunity to do a little to give back!

    Have a great and Good Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Julie Fitzpatrick says:

    No vegans? I just started on 10-10-10 and am thinking Thanksgiving may pose some difficulties. There will be a fresh turkey, which my husband will prepare and all but me will eat. I will make a vegan sweet potato dish and use margarine in the stuffing, which will be baked outside the bird. My oldest daughter is bringing a mashed potato casserole (contains sour cream, so none for me). Pumpkin and cherry pie have been ordered from the diner down the street… guess we’re ready.

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