Voluntary Reduction of Phosphates in Dishwashing Detergents

The American Cleaning Institute (formerly known as the Soap & Detergent Association) announced a major change this week. Members of the ACI have agreed to voluntarily reduce phosphates in household dishwashing detergents to a maximum of 0.5 percent. Phosphates were largely eliminated from laundry detergents in the 1990’s, due to concerns about phosphates polluting waterways, feeding algal blooms, using up dissolved oxygen, and killing fish.

GreenBiz.com reports that this change was in response to a growing number of States banning phosphates from dishwashing detergents, and it being financially infeasible to produce different detergents for different states. Nonetheless, this is a positive step for the industry.

Earlier this year, the ACI led another voluntary initiative for household cleaning companies to disclose the ingredients in their products. This transparency initiative was a reversal for an industry that had previously not been willing to disclose what was in their products.

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