GoodGuide’s Holiday Guide to Safe Toys

A parent’s job has always been difficult. But this holiday season it seems you need a team of elves with PhDs to find out where the toys you’re buying came from and what chemicals might be lurking inside them. Of 1,500 popular toys tested by, 1 in 3 were found to contain significant levels of toxic chemicals such as lead and arsenic.

GoodGuide has assembled a team of science elves and partnered with leading nonprofit groups around the country — such as, the Center for Health and Environmental Justice, Healthy Child Healthy World, and the City of San Francisco — to identify safe toys and toxic toys on store shelves.

Our Holiday Guide to Safe Toys includes only toys that are free from chemicals of concern such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, bromine, and phthalates. Hopefully, they’re also fun for your kids! We’ve searched for everything from safe dolls to safe puzzles, from safe arts and crafts to safe action figures.

You can also find out whether the toys Santa (or Grandma) already left under your tree are free from toxics by going to and searching for toys by name or category. Come back often, as we post the latest toy recalls to keep you up-to-date on the safest toys.

Happy Holidays,
The GoodGuide Elves

About Dara O'Rourke

Associate Professor at UC Berkeley and Co-Founder of GoodGuide.
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5 Responses to GoodGuide’s Holiday Guide to Safe Toys

  1. Angela says:

    Trying to find safe toys can be hard. Our rule of thumb is to stick with American made or European made toys. There is a good selection at They sell toys and games for kids of all ages.
    Happy Holidays

  2. Joy S. says:

    This is a great resource! As a parent and environmental activist, I’m thankful for another tool to help promote safe and non-toxic products. Happy Holidays!

  3. SuersTiessy says:

    Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here: this .. as it’s taken me literally 1 hours and 06 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  4. Mary Zebrowski says:

    My Grandaughter just had a birthday and only had one request, The Zhu Zhu pet hamsterset. I hunted high and low and finally was able to obtain 2 hamsters, Chunk and Pip squeek and the house and surf board. Now we hear that these hamsters contain hight levels of toxic chemicals that can cause heart disease and cancer. Is it a rumor so that the buying frenzy would slow down and others can purchase them or is it true. I need to know as she has these in her hands now!

  5. Steve G. says:

    I really appreciate this site. We have had to throw away so many of our 4 yr. old’s toys because of warnings. A great resource for us has been a company that has a "safe baby promise" for the toys and clothes they sell. Franklin Goose ate:

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